There is a shift happening...

One way or the other we all feel it- from the job we cannot find satisfaction in- no matter how good at it we are or how much money it brings us. The relationship we find no comfort or love in despite our greatest efforts to hold on to it. Or the goals we set to be fit that have lost their ability to drive us. We know that something has to change but if it is not the job, the relationship or the chiseled body then what is it that we really want?

We want a meaningful life, an authentic life. Where we can take decisive action in all aspects of life with confidence. Where love has grace; and our work is a source of soul nurturing, and money flourishing success. But where do we begin? 

If you’ve landed on this site, it’s no mistake.

Change is in the air and perhaps you’re noticing that you can’t figure it out on your own using the same tools that brought you success and helped you cope in the past.

Suddenly you’re looking for more. You’re looking for more peace over the constant chatter of your mind.

You’re looking for connection over constant achievement and inspiration over empty ambition.

The upside is that the life you want isn’t that difficult to bring to fruition…but it is definitely a very different approach to life.

If any part of you wants to begin the journey to love, freedom, and your true life, and you’re looking for an experienced guide, there is no time like the present.

Free SOL Illumination Session

SOL Support 

SOL Journey 

SOL Accelerator 

1:1 coaching sessions

offer support on a deep and intimate level. A mixture of coaching & energy work. Think of me as your physical spirit guide, bringing forward messages and guidance that will help you find clarity, connection, & confidence with yourself.

* Ideal for those that have a foundation of personal & spiritual Awareness


Align & Ascend

is my 8-week signature offering to support spiritually curious Soul's in developing their personal and spiritual self. This program will unlock the inner wisdom that lies within you in order to begin feeling more connected to yourself, your energetic support team, and your purpose than you ever have before.

* Perfect for those who are in the beginning steps of their Spiritual Development

Schedule free SOL Illumination Session

All 1:1 coaching clients are by application only, it is deeply important that we are in alignment with one another. I am 100% committed to supporting you on your journey. Are you 100% committed to yourself and your growth?