Sol Coaching & Mentorships 

A gentle nudge in the direction of your most aligned self.    


SOL Coaching & Mentorships are designed just for you, helping you find balance in your life so you have more time to do the things you love most. From Spiritual Development to personalized Life Coaching,  together we will create a custom program designed for your unique needs and goals.    

There is a shift happening...

One way or the other we all feel it- from the job we cannot find satisfaction in- no matter how good at it we are or how much money it brings us. The relationship we find no comfort or love in despite our greatest efforts to hold on to it. Or the goals we set to be fit that have lost their ability to drive us. We know that something has to change but if it is not the job, the relationship or the chiseled body then what is it that we really want?

We want a meaningful life, an authentic life. Where we can take decisive action in all aspects of life with confidence. Where love has grace; and our work is a source of soul nurturing, and money flourishing success. But where do we begin? 

Life Coaching is for you if - you are ready for a change and you want to learn how to

  • Live an authentic and meaningful life
  • Achieve better work-life balance
  • Be more confident when faced with challenging or difficult circumstances
  • Build your emotional intelligence
  • Establish deeper more meaningful relationships 
  • Explore and define your strengths
  • Have better communication skills 
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Spiritual Development Mentorship is for you if - you are seeking to evolve and build a relationship with your intuition

  • Auras & Chakras - How to Cleanse & Rejuvenate
  • Spirit Guides, Ancestor Guides, Spirit Helpers & Angels
  • Intuition - Development, Clairs, etc.
  • Divination - How to Receive Psychic Information via Tools: Oracle, Pendulums, etc.
  • Synchronicities & Signs - Recognizing & Interpreting
  • Manifesting
  • Understanding Ego - Shadow Side
  • Home/Space Cleansing    
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