SOL Illumination

Awaken Your Divine Power

October 6 - November 24, 2021   


An 8 -Week Soul Illuminating Journey to Understanding Your Energy Body, Self Healing & Psychic Gifts

It's not just a tool, its a lifestyle 




Awaken your Divine Power




  We live in a society of continual input that requires discernment and there's an endless barrage of gurus, experts and authorities who all claim to know what's best for you. You know that wisdom lies within YOU.

Each week you'll receive lessons, self-inquiry prompts and practices to connect with your energy body, spirit guides and psychic gifts.

Weekly live calls to balance and heal energetically and journey deeper together.

You'll refine your own "super-senses," how to know your own energy field and journey through your chakras. Prepare for a true UPLEVELING. 


Does this sound like you?


You feel a shift happening within you and you know you are here with a great purpose.

You’ve seen or known things that you can’t explain how.

Your dreams are more like premonitions. 

You’re sensitive to other people’s energy 

You are sensitive to the energy of the land/places. 

You know you are receiving messages and guidance from Spirit but are unsure how to connect regularly.  

You’re tired of shutting down or “hiding” your gifts in order to fit into the world.


If you resonate with any of the above statements, chances are… you’re ready to take the next step on your Spiritual Path and ILLUMINATE your Soul.


This course is tailored to you and your energy field.


  • Own your boundaries in a whole new way. No more giving away your power!
  • The power of energetic boundaries.
  • What blocks you from your psychic gifts? 
  • Discover how your own energy field is unique.
  • Know what grounding truly feels like and why you "leave" yourself.
  • Clear blockages from limiting beliefs and step in as creator of your life.
  • Connect with and understand your unique psychic abilities




Awaken your Divine Power 


I'm ready to ILLUMINATE my SOUL

Join me on this exquisite journey 

Weekly Energy Healing & Balancing

Weekly group calls offering guidance and energy healing

Reiki 1 Attunement - Self Healing 

Step into your personal power with this gentle healing modality 

Personalized Support 1:1 Calls

Meet with Alexandra 1:1 for deeper support & guidance 

Self Paced Practices

Take your time moving through the practices, the content is yours to keep

Conscious Community Support

A safe container to share your Spiritual experiences and connect with others

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What we'll cover


  • The 7 Major Chakras -  What they represent, recognizing imbalances, balancing techniques  

  • The Aura: Understanding your Energy Field - What it is, how to sense & see it, reading auras 

  • Energetic Boundaries & Hygiene: Grounding techniques, energy clearing & protection 

  • Connecting with your Spirit Team: Meeting your guides and ways to communicate with them 

  • Getting to know Claire: The 5 Claires (psychic senses), understanding your Claire 

  • Reiki for Self Healing - Reiki level 1 attunement for deep self-healing




Awaken your Divine Power 


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Awaken your Divine Power 


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I'm ready to ILLUMINATE my SOUL


An 8 -Week Soul Illuminating Journey to Understanding Your Energy Body, Self Healing & Psychic Gifts









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