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No-shows or cancelations within 24 hours of a session result in a forfeit of payment. Refunds are not offered however, if you need to reschedule please do so within 48 hours of our meeting time to avoid forfeit of payment. You have 6 months from time of payment to schedule your session. All gift certificates have a 6 month expiration from date of purchase. 

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60 Minute Gift Certificate

You will be enlightened by the experience of working with Alexandra as she shares her unique and well-integrated gifts, helping you on your journey of Spiritual growth. By channeling sacred spiritual energies from different realms, sharing mindful presence and delivering higher wisdom, Alexandra will guide you on a deep journey within yourself.


Reiki - Universal Life Force Energy. 

60 Minutes. Through the use of guided life force energy, Reiki helps heal and balance your physical, mental and emotional bodies. Reiki sessions are calm, deeply relaxing and highly beneficial. Promote your physical health, emotional healing, spiritual growth, and feelings of peace, security, and well being with a Reiki session

Akashic Records, A Soul Level Healing. 

60 Minutes. Akashic Records are known as the records of your Soul. Alexandra, partnering with your Record Keepers and Guides, will help you identify the greatest challenges that have been preventing you from moving forward. The resulting shift within you will help you enjoy the flow of life with more ease and happiness.

Psychic Readings & Tarot Card Readings.

60 Minutes. Partnering with your Spirit Guides and Master Guides, these readings provide in-depth information about your unique soul-journey or life path. Approaching these readings with a clear intention or specific question will help provide insight, direction, and shine light on possible outcomes.