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SOL is here to inspire, to empower and to remind you of your ability to walk your path with purpose. Blending movement, meditation and intuitive guidance, you will reawaken the fire that illuminates your Soul’s journey.      

Energetic Boundaries for the Empath

IN PERSON ST CROIX: Saturday, October 16th 12 - 4pm

VIRTUAL EVENT: Wednesday, October 20th 5:30pm EST


 Understand the different types of Empaths

 Discover which type of Empath you are, and how to use this gift

 Deepen your connection with your energy body  (aura)

 Recognize foreign energies in your energy field 

 Grounding tools to keep you energetically clear 

 Energy clearing and rebalancing techniques to bring you back to sovereignty

I'm ready to step into my power

SOL Healing

Reiki, Chakra Balancing, Soul level healings, Akashic Record readings, Psychic readings, Tarot and Oracle Cards set the stage to bring you clarification and help you realign with your purpose

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SOL Reiki - The Sacred Path

In this professional training that draws on traditional Usui Reiki traditions and Western Reiki styles, you will be ``attuned`` or initiated to the Reiki energy—empowering you to become a Reiki practitioner, and work with the sacred Reiki symbols.  

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SOL Mentorships

SOL Coaching & Mentorships are designed just for you, helping you find balance in your life so you have more time to do the things you love most. From Spiritual Development to personalized Life Coaching,  together we will create a custom program designed for your unique needs and goals.    

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SOL Yoga

All class offerings will leave you with a sense of balance between the physical & energetic bodies, deepening the connection with Self. Blending movement, meditation and intuitive guidance, you will gain the foundation and the tools to deepen and sustain your practice.

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Weekly Virtual Yoga Classes via Zoom  

Live on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Saturday 


Weekly In-Person Yoga Classes: North Shore, St. Croix

Oceanside classes Tuesdays, Thursday & Saturdays 

*Class offerings are suitable for every level yogi, beginner to advance

Virtual Yoga Studio In-Person Yoga Schedule


Holistic Life Coach, 600hr CYT, Reiki Master, Psychic, Akashic Record Consultant. With deep roots in Classical Hatha Yoga, Meditation, Pranayama, Yin Yoga and Yoga Nidra, Alexandra blends her knowledge of yoga and meditation with her psychic gifts. Through guided movement, the physical body releases energetic blockages and restores harmony to the Etheric Body, creating a balanced mind-bod-soul experience.

From St. Croix, Virgin Islands, Alexandra is a wanderlust and wellness enthusiast. A spiritual awakening laid path to Alexandra’s journey and lead her to Bali where she found peace, guidance, and a second home. It was there she laid the foundation to her practice, expanded her knowledge, and deepened her spiritual growth.

Alexandra leads private individual sessions both online and in person, as well as private group sessions, workshops, and retreats. She offers personalized Holistic Life Coaching, Psychic Guidance and Mentorship programs. Specializes in reinforcing the connection with Self, and giving her clients the tools that allow for personal and spiritual growth.

Email Alexandra for more information, retreat inquiries, or if your group wants to schedule a private retreat.


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